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Why is Moving to Bahrain becoming increasingly popular? 

Bahrain is one of the smaller but extremely beautiful countries that is known for its convenience of location. It is convenient for the residents because most of the necessities are nearby. The country is made up of small towns with various areas and locations such as Riffa, Isa Town, Manama and Sanad are the most common. Most residents choose the area in which they live based on where they work or the children will attend school.Following points keep in mind when you are deciding to move Bahrain

The Climate

The climatic conditions of Bahrain are characteristic of the Gulf region as the area is extremely dry and hot. The country experiences two seasons, summer and winter, with temperatures ranging from moderate to hot. Summer stretches from April to October with temperatures averaging around 40 degrees Celsius up to 48 degrees Celsius for the months of June and July. The rest of year is a bit more pleasant and is what is known as winter in Bahrain.

The Basics of Life

Bahrain is a Muslim country and is full of friendly people that are eager to receive new residents. There are many other nationalities and religions practiced there as well. It is a very relaxed atmosphere with high tolerance given to choice of dress for both genders but there are rules and guidelines that should be observed. It’s respectful to remain covered from shoulders to knees and abstaining from wearing sheer or tight clothing is best. Men should appear clean and pressed at all times and it’s common practice that they smell nice also. These are typical characteristics of daily dress in Bahrain.Read more Moving to Bahrain

The Cities

Bahrain has a population of approximately 1,281,332 with the capital city of Manama making up about 157,474 of that number. Approximately 62.4% of the residents are Bahraini while about 37.6% is non-Bahraini. Popular cities of the country are below.

  • Manama
  • Al Muharraq
  • Ar Rifa
  • Dar Kulyab
  • Madinat Hamad