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Why is Moving to Azerbaijan becoming increasingly popular? 

Azerbaijan is a previous Soviet republic that is located on the Caspian Sea in the middle of Iran and Russia. It’s rich in oil, heritage and exuberates a deep heritage that is a perfect cross of the European traditions. School space is limited in Azerbaijan and plans to place youth in the education sector should be carefully planned prior to making the transition.

Economic Stimulation

The economy of Azerbaijan has experienced consistent growth in current years with a major contribution from the richness of gas and oil production. There have been major investments from Western companies to aide in the development of fuel and oil as well as other reserves. The economic stimulation also receives an attractive boost from agriculture and mining. There are abundant supplies of god, cobalt, manganese, silver, copper and titanium. Many people who relocate to Azerbaijan find employment in the mining, oil or gas sector.

The People

Azerbaijan is a secular state that is filled with pleasant and welcoming residents. The common nature of people are typically very reserved with a conservative presentation. The official language of the country is Azerbaijani but Turkish and Russian are common spoken languages in the area as well. The multi-million people are majority Muslim and demand a great respect for their customs and cultural appreciation.

Cities of Azerbaijan

The largest cities in Azerbaijan in 2014 are full of life and growing at warps speed. There is one city that has more than 1 million in the population, while 3 of the cities have population that ranges between 100,000 and more than 1 million. Approximately 69 of the cities have between 10,000 and 100,000 that make up their population. Cities by size rank are listed from largest in population are below.

  • Baku
  • Ganja
  • Sumqayit
  • Mingelchaur