Moving to Austria

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Why is Moving to Austria becoming increasingly popular?

The beautiful country of Austria is abundantly pleasing in culture, traditional honors and history. There are primary advantages to the residents of Austria because of its extreme dedication to cultural identity and the traditional attributes it offers to the immediate customs and history of its land. There is a rich Viennese tradition of care and homage among those who are exploring the lands.

History of the Arts

The country has produced its fair share of famed Austrians and is home to many famous writers and Jewish intellectuals from the 20th century and earlier. Names such as Sigmund Freud, Karl Popper, Konrad Lorenz and Ludwig Wittgenstein are all by way of Austria. Famed actors such as Klaus Maria Brandauer and Romy Schneider both from Austria, mastered theater accomplishments around the world. The most famous household name from Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger has entertained the world of acting and politics. Anyone who appreciates the world of art and classical music will feel at home in Austria.

The Culture

Austria is a multicultural environment that is known for embracing various cultures and joining them with their own. This is a former ingredient of the welcoming spirit of the country that spills over into the present day warmth that newcomers notice immediately. Immigrants from Germany, Eastern Europe and Turkey have all found Austria to be a place like home. The Austrian government plays an active role in the facilitation of foreigners in their country.

Austrian Cities

The cities of Austria are breathtaking because of their artistic buildings that glitter from Ancient to Renaissance in appearance. The contemporary design of the buildings blends perfectly with the historic settings and make the perfect environment for the festive events.

  • Vienna is the capital city that blends tradition and contemporary at every spin. Cultural presentations, immaculate sights, quaint little coffee houses and the dainty charm of the Viennese all are a great experience.
  • Salzburg is the garden of churches, palaces and castles and presents an old town feel that is filled with rich history. The heritage of Austria is deeply rooted here.