Moving to Australia

Australia is an island state, which protects its borders with strenuous controls. It is probably the most popular destination for expatriates with many areas having a high proportion of foreign born residents. The most favoured regions for expats are Western Australia and Queensland.

The majority of annual arrivals originate from the United Kingdom numbering about 20%. However numbers from Europe are decreasing as Americans and Asians are finding Australia a popular destination. European migrants tend to choose to settle outside city areas whereas other arrivals prefer to live in the cities.

Australia is the most popular option for migrants who favour the sporting and ‘outdoor life’ due to the excellent climate, and a generally friendly welcome encourages expats to settle in all areas. Employment opportunities abound for those with the right skills such as medical and engineering professionals.

Cities are the most popular destinations with the most sought after being Sydney which has everything needed for a cosmopolitan lifestyle with around 40% of residents being from other countries.

Sydney has a very high standard of living and is regularly voted as one of the most popular cities in the world to live despite the higher cost of living in other areas of Australia.

Melbourne is another popular destination and is known as one of the most ‘liveable’ cities in the world. Its laid back reputation is very popular with those who have young families.

Brisbane is known for its friendly welcoming people. With an excellent climate great emphasis is placed on an outdoor life style. Many parks and beaches are available and for those who choose to live outside the city there are very good transport links for commuters.

In the cities there are many advantages and work opportunities as well as a most varied lifestyle than in the rural areas. In the cities there are often expat societies, which offer the opportunity to make friends and seek advice.

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