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With such a transient population of expats, there are 100+ moving companies in Dubai who offer moving related services ranging from packing and wooden crating, to local moves within the city, domestic moves to Abu Dhabi or any of the 7 Emirates, storage services, and moving overseas services by sea or air. 

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We understand the importance of utilizing a high quality international relocations company. From packing through to customs clearance and final delivery. Our goal is to fast track the whole process, whilst ensuring you receive the best value for money quotes.

It is important to understand moving companies in Dubai tend to specialise in different areas. Some movers have roots in shipping and logistics and have created a moving company department in order to boost revenues and diversify their portfolio of services. Others specialise in storage and warehousing and have added packing and moving services. In addition there are several established moving companies in Dubai who have multiple offices throughout the Middle East and in many cases several International offices.

Whether you are searching for a small single office/family run moving company or a blue chip moving company present in multiple International locations, it is available in this seasoned expatriate hub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most movers offer a packing service - some more comprehensive than others. So, the bulk of the work will be handled by the moving company. Most moving companies in Dubai provide basics like boxes, tape and bubble-wrap, however, the more professional movers can also provide hanging cartons for clothing, paper blankets, styro-foam chips and wooden crates.

This is a very common request and the more professional moving companies in Dubai are normally willing to drop some packing materials ahead of moving day, allowing you to get a head start on personal items such as sentimental keepsakes, clothing, trinkets etc... which many people feel more comfortable organising in advance. 

Yes! Discuss this with the packing crew foreman so he can quickly confirm the contents and that the goods are sufficiently protected. This avoids the need to write Packed by owner or PBO on the packing list. 

It is unusual for any moving company in Dubai to be solidly booked up all year round, so, in general, between 2-3 weeks is normally more than sufficient. However the peak season (May - September especially) booking dates 4-6 weeks ahead is ideal.

This may take the form of, special handling or a particular packing/crating request. Always specify your requirements to the moving consultant/surveyor at the pre-move survey. They will in-turn ensure the instructions are passed to the packing crew leader on the day.

It is always a good idea to walk through your home on the first day of packing to make sure all instructions are clearly understood.

Insurance is definitely recommended, most insurance coverage covers for breakages and damages of the insured value of the item. Under valuing your items is not recommended as if the item does break, you will only be covered for amount you have insured it for. However if the items are low risk of breakage/damage during transit, we would still recommend considering a total loss insurance coverage which is applied at a lower rate, and covers you in case of an entire loss of shipment.

So, for many people the answer would be yes, but this really depends on your circumstances. You could contract the moving company in Dubai to be responsible for your goods up to the port of arrival aka Door to Port and then either handle the customs clearance yourself (or with the aid of a customs broker at destination).  In some countries this is easier than in others. This would almost certainly save money but requires a more hands-on approach.

We would highly recommend 5 or 6 quotations in order to sample the full spectrum of companies and services available. From there you can shortlist a couple of companies and negotiate from there. We can arrange up to 6 competitive quotations for you if you complete our simple form (it takes less than 1 minute). 

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Some moving companies in Dubai invest heavily in training and personal development of staff members which results in excellent packers and great support staff who can help you through the entire moving process.

Other movers focus on their logistical strengths and may even outsource the packing and loading to a third party company.

Industry accreditation such as FIDI/FAIM and OMNI in addition to ISO 9001-Quality Management System and to a lesser extent IAM and BAR are good indicators of a professional moving company.

Many moving companies in Dubai claim to provide complete peace of mind during the stressful time of a local or international move but that is easier said than done, it is important to obtain a reasonable number of quotations from a variety of movers in Dubai so that you can properly contrast and compare the service and value for money you expect to receive.

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