3 Things You Need to Know Living with Roommates

Life is different when you are living with your parents and at a college hostel. Living with roommates can be exciting with all the new found freedom and fun. But before all the fun begins, is the daunting task of planning, packing and relocating to the new place. It will take you longer than you think to know what to pack and what can be left behind at home. Hence, it is advised that you start planning in advance to make sure that everything is in order when you are moving-in with your roommates at your college hostel.

1. Plan in advance:

When you are packing, keep a target of packing everything a day before the moving day. Everything should be in order and packed before the relocation day as it will give you time on the moving day to take care of other important tasks.

2. Tell your family and friends:

It is advisable that your family and friends are informed well in advance so that they know about your move. This will also help them to plan accordingly in case you need help on the moving day. Let them know that you might be out of touch for a few days after the relocation. So, if they call and you do not pick up your phone, they are relaxed and would not worry.

3. Mailing address:

Inform your creditors and acquaintances a month in advance regarding the change in address. This will help you in receiving uninterrupted mails as they will know to send you mails on the new address from a set date.

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