Best Places to Relocate as a Woman

Best places to relocate as a women

Women constitute roughly half of the worldwide populace and yet do not receive the equivalent proportion of the opportunities. Although there is no ideal sanctuary of well-being, social and professional equilibrium, for females in many parts of the world, certainly there are numerous countries in which women can thrive and be looked upon with a significant degree of recognition and respect.

There are a variety of gender-specific standards to think about while deciding on a country to relocate to as an ex-pat.

These criteria might feature state-mandated maternity leave, a higher rating on the OECD’s Better Life Index, physical safety and security, the quantity of females in official roles, and the lack of a glass ceiling in the work environment.


The countries that make up Scandinavia are the best region to relocate as a woman. Looking at the Global Gender Gap report for 2015, issued by the WEF the Nordic countries of Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden are the 4 outstanding locations for women to reside and have been since the creation of the study.

Iceland has preserved its number one position for 5 years straight and holds a rating of 0.881 out of a maximum achievable rating of 1 (suggesting comprehensive gender uniformity). This rating implies that women in Iceland experience equal access to learning and medical care and have the most effective opportunity of being appointed to positions of power and accountability in the government.

The Icelandic government has pioneered in gender initiatives and was among the initial nations worldwide to prohibit strip clubs on feminist principles as opposed to religious purposes. In 2010, it was additionally the first country to have an openly gay feminine head of state.

Norway’s rating on the Global Gender Gap study is 0.850, and it was the country to first pass a legislation on gender equality back in the ’70s! The country has the largest women-to-men salaries ratio on earth at 77 percent and has allocations to guarantee female representation in governing administration. Furthermore,


Norway also has many of leading childcare practices internationally and mandates 12 weeks of parental leave-taking and admittance to the leading state-run kindergardens for all legal citizens.

Finland has gender equality drafted within its constitution and has 4 different regulatory bodies functioning to guarantee that gender equality is maintained to the greatest attainable levels.

In Sweden 72 percent of females are in work, and the Swedish laws on parental leave for either males and females are extremely amenable, to ensure that fathers may be completely engaged in the nurturing of their small children.

The 5th Nordic state, Denmark, while not in the top 10 best countries this year, was the only nation in 2014 in which, typically, women’s earnings were in excess of men.

Having said that, there are some other countries aside from the Nordic states which offer women an environment of equality and access. Here is a rundown of just some of the most idyllic locations with respect to a woman to settle.

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A 2012 Gallup study identified that Rwanda placed 2nd on an index of nations in which females considered it safe going out after dark alone. This is mostly as a result of the initiatives introduced by the Rwandan authorities over the last few years to guarantee women’s civil liberties. Rwanda has a huge number of females in office – quite possibly the largest percentage around the world

Following the genocide ceased in 1994, the populace was 70 per cent female and the incumbent government laid a number of regulations in place to enhance women’s responsibilities in public service.

The constitution mandates that a minimum of 30 percent of the seats in the parliament and the cabinet has to be taken up by women. There is similarly a significant amount of women’s involvement on the financial front, and there is no significant imbalance when comparing male and female salaries.

43 percent of Rwandan companies contain female involvement in ownership. As for healthcare and academic openings are concerned, Rwandan men are still more fortunate, but with the swift step Rwanda has helped to make in the last Two Decade, it looks to be only a matter of time before this adjusts too.

In conclusion, Rwanda, with its pro-female approach, developing economic condition, good climate, wonderful customs, and cuisine, is an outstanding destination for women to think about relocating to.


The same poll that positioned Rwanda in 2nd position in 2012 ranked the South East Asian island nation in 3rd position in terms of safety for women. The government has adopted several steps to safeguard women’s rights. In 2014, Singapore was placed 10th in a list of nations where women earned the equivalent of men for performing comparable work, and this has strengthened in 2015.

According to 2014 labor force stats, female recruitment was the strongest ever recorded – 76 per cent for the prime employment years of 25 to 54. The country now has the largest number of senior administrators, technological personnel, and management in the system.

In preceding years, bureaucratic representation was a field where Singapore required progress, but there were a much larger amount of women lawmakers in 2015, with women maintaining essential roles in the head of state’s office. In the 2015 Gender Gap report, it was ranked first in the area for a surge in the economic involvement and opportunity grade.


In addition, Singapore is just one of the few nations around the world where females did not need to champion the right to vote – they have been able to go to the polls since the beginnings of democracy in Singapore.

Singapore is a booming, multicultural centre, with a dynamic nightlife, that serves various types of individuals. There are a variety of ex-pat groups, and the people of Singapore are warm and friendly. The standard of medicine and healthcare is first-rate and all primary ailments are addressed. 

As for education, there are several exceptional public and private schools to select from that deliver a world-class level of education and learning. In addition, the criminality on the island is extremely low (as a result of initiatives adopted by the government), and rackets like drug trafficking suffer a zero-tolerance position from the government.

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The Philippines

For some time, the Philippines has been among the most evenly matched places in Asia for women. This is largely attributable to the marginal gaps when comparing men and women in relation to healthcare and education. 

Women have experienced a greater level of fiscal involvement and have also maintained significant political roles, such as the head of state.

There are a variety of other reasons why the Philippines is a terrific country to transfer to. It is the second-largest island chain on the planet and has a fabulous climate year-round. There is a great deal of diversification in the customs and the geography of the country, balancing urban spaces with natural charm.

The capital city of Manila is a flourishing hub of business and is also the legislative centre, complete with traditional landmarks and educational institutions. Manila is, in addition, a thriving seaport, helping to make the Philippines a significant transhipment and export hub. The healthcare options in the Philippines are typical of an international level. Another key advantage of residing here is its proximity to the rest of South-East Asia.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places to relocate as a woman, it was the first country to empower women’s suffrage, as long ago as 1893. In fact, in the year 2000, the 5 most predominant jobs in the government were all held by women – the head of state, the Governor, the PM, the Speaker of the Parliament, and the President of the Supreme Court. Women in New Zealand have many of the equivalent medicine and healthcare options provided to men, and the gender gap in education has reduced altogether.

The average pay gap between men and women is less than 6 percent. More than 68 per cent of the women in New Zealand occupy employment, and New Zealand also scores impressively on the Better Life Index collated by the OECD. New Zealanders evaluated their overall contentment with life at 7.3/10, considerably higher than the OECD average of 6.6/10

Best-places-to-relocate-a- a-woman

Moreover, New Zealand has an extraordinary landscape, and it is a lot easier to savor a lively outdoor way of life. There is a wide selection of mountains, rivers, beaches, mountains, woodlands, and even fjords. The climate is temperate, and even though there are times when it may be overcast and dreary, you typically enjoy warm and dry summer months with moderate winters. 

Kids have easy accessibility to top-notch education and learning and rate in advance of similarly-aged children in other developed nations for topics including mathematics and scientific disciplines. It is also worth bearing in mind that the majority of New Zealand’s top institutions are state-run and are completely free. The country’s economy made it through the recession comparatively well and desirable careers across industries and sectors are relatively freely attainable.

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The final place on our list of best places to relocate as a woman and climbing 3 spots to 5th on the Gender Gap report, immediately behind the Nordic nations, Ireland has made considerable advancements in the political and economic realms over the last few years. The void between women and men regarding healthcare and education has almost vanished. Life expectancy for women is considerably greater than it is for men.

Ireland voted for a female president, Mary Robinson, in 1990, and towards the end of her term, nominated the second woman head of state, Mary McAleese. Hence Ireland rates extremely well on the political empowerment front.

Best-places-to-relocate-a- a-woman

Following the election in 2011, 15 percent of the elected MP’s were females, and they represented a little over a one-third of the make-up of individual state boards. Income equality is Ireland is starting to improve, as is the appraised earned income level. Ireland has also incorporated a quantity of female specialists and high-tech professionals into the system.

Ireland is a place with much to offer in relation to a rich heritage, stunning landscape, and a bubbly and inviting community. Ireland is located close to most of Western Europe and has excellent transport links especially with the UK. Ireland also has an excellent arrangement of annual vacation – you are permitted to a minimum of 20 working days of leave in the year.

It is also a secure place to raise youngsters, and in particular, there is considerably less gun crime than in a country such as the United States. It is against the law to own a firearm in Ireland unless you operate a farmstead. Healthcare is also notably accessible in Ireland, with state-funded medicine and healthcare for everyone.

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So there you have it. We have explored the best places to relocate as a woman. We hope this article has been some use to you, (why not share this with someone you know), and we wish you all the best of luck.

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