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Move Questions

  • Can I pack some of my possessions?
    Yes, however we would require that the boxes are left open so they can be checked by our packing crew to ensure that all goods are packed correctly and are fully protected during transit. This way we can avoid marking the items as PBO (packed by owner) on the inventory. This is important since the inventory will be passed to the insurance company and to customs officials at destination.
  • Can you deliver boxes to me prior to the move?
    Of course, we are happy to arrange this. Many people find this helpful in order to sort through items, and to pack personal possessions. Just let your Move Coordinator know how many boxes you require and this can be arranged.
  • What time does the packing crew start and finish?
    The packing crew will arrive at your home at approximately 9am (traffic dependent) and work throughout the day. Typically, our crews will be finished by 5-6pm, depending on the volume of your possessions to be packed.
  • Do I need to be at the property all day whilst the crew is there?
    You will need to be at home to let the crew into your property; upon their arrival, you are free to leave and come back at the end of the day to secure the property and complete all relevant paperwork.
  • How many crew members will pack my shipment?
    We prepare for each move on a case by case basis; crew members and additional resources will be allocated based on the volume of your move, type of shipment, and if you have any additional special requirements. Normally a crew will consist of a crew leader and between 2-4 crew members.
  • Can I stay in my property during the pack?
    Yes; if you make us aware, our crews will leave all your essential items and pack them on the final day allowing you to stay at the property.
  • Is customs clearance included in your quotation?
    Yes – normal customs clearance is included in our quotation, however the following is excluded:

    • Customs duties, taxes and/or handling charges due to public health and quarantine issues
    • Additional customs inspections, examination fees, security screening or related security costs
    • Our move specialist is on hand to advise you through the intricacies of each of these processes.
  • How long does customs clearance take?
    This is completely dependent on each country and our move specialist will talk you through the process for your required destination.
  • What happens if the volume increases/decreases?
    Our teams are flexible and can accommodate accordingly. In terms of final payment, our invoice will be adjusted to reflect the changes in volume. If your goods are being shipped in a 20ft or 40ft container, then as most of the cost components are flat-rates we do our best to avoid charging any additional even if there is a slight increase in volume – provided the volume does not exceed the confines of the container.
  • What happens if something is damaged in transit?
    Although we have one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry, we offer fully comprehensive Transit Cover to give you piece of mind. Our in-house Claims Manager will assist you in handling any claim for you.
  • Is insurance included in our quotation?
    We provide our own in-house Transit Insurance Cover as an additional extra. Applicable premiums are indicated in the quotation. Please ask our move specialist for further details about our cover. If you provide us with your declared insurance value we can include this with the International Moving costs and express it as an ‘all inclusive’ lump sum.
  • How long do I have to make a claim?
    To ensure full peace of mind, our clients have 30 days from final delivery of their possessions to claim for any items that may have been lost or damaged in the moving process.
  • Can I take my car with me?
    In addition to a household move, we can assist with the shipping of a car (or motorcycle, jet-ski, quad-bike, or boat) ; this is also dependent on the importation regulations for your destination country. Please speak to our move specialist for details.
  • Who would be my point of contact throughout the move?
    Once the quotation is accepted you will be assigned a dedicated move coordinator who will work with you, managing the entire removals process through to delivery. The move specialist is still available and kept in the loop in case you need to speak with them and we also keep a key person involved at destination just in case you need to speak with someone directly after arriving at destination. You may prefer this because of different time zones, weekend etc.
  • Do you unpack for me at my new home?
    Yes, we will unpack in your new home and place the furniture in the appropriate rooms.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit to hold my required pack date?
    We do not require our clients to pay any kind of deposit; however, payment must be received by the final day of packing unless your employer has a credit facility with Global Relocations.
  • Do you take American Express?
    Unfortunately we do not take payment by American Express. We do accept cards including Visa and MasterCard, however there is a processing charge of 2.5% levied by Network Int’l which will be applied to your invoice.

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